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The Urban Machine

The Urban Machine

In a world of urban driving, you could take many different manners of transport. However, we all know that one of the best ways will always be a Vespa while travelling in style and comfort.

Taiwan's photographer and Vespa owner created an extraordinary example of the perfect urban Vespa Sprint! The body is painted in the Color Grigio Opaco, including many unique accessories.


"When I bought it in 2019, I just knew that I could do it better than some chrome trims and black rims, which created the urge to mod it with after-market styling and engine parts. In my opinion, the original engine set-up was too slow. This made me swap parts like the over-range for better after-market parts." 

With aftermarket parts like Maru's Factory Gold W125 Rims and Level10 Smoked Indicators, you can conclude that this Vespa received the mods that it deserved. 

But what did the owner change on his Vespa? We have created a small breakdown with some highlights for you. 

Starting with the Maru's Factory W125 rims. Made From Swiss Aluminum with the highest precision from CNC machinery. These Rims are anodized in gold and come as a set, including a custom hub not cover by Maru's Factory

But this is not all. What would a custom project be without custom lights? Well, not a custom project, in our opinion... And the owner of this Vespa agrees as he has kitted out this Vespa with a Custom Headlight projector and Level 10 indicators with smoke glass plus a smoked rear light.

The original headlight has been changed with a high-quality Led Projector. Including daytime running lights and low and high beam functions. Made for both looks and better visibility on the road. On top of this, the original indicators have made a place for the high-quality indicator kit from Level10. This indicator kit includes daytime running lights on both the front and rear sides. The indicators have Led lights for longer and better performance. And last but not least, the rear light has been changed to a smoked version to complete the look. 


"This process took me around 8 to 9 months. Establishing a highly modded Vespa Sprint for urban driving. Over time I have been very happy about the looks but would like to increase the engine power even more. My next step will probably be to change it to a direct injection kit.

Wondering what the complete part list is? We got you! 

Have a look at the complete list over here: 

See more detailed shots here. 


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Special Thank you ~

"Thank you for the vespaworldwide.official Interview. I was my honor to get interviewed.I ’m coming from Taiwan Kaohsiung city. And my bike is refitted by “Morris Vespa”. A special thank you to the store manager Huang Borong. I am very honored to know him. Morris Vespa is the best store in south Taiwan."

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