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The South Vespa

The South Vespa

It might not tell you much. But The South Vespa is a Vespa enthusiastic group with unique rides like you have never seen before! Set to share their amazing rides through Instagram for all Vespa lovers.

This small yet unique group sets the bar very high regarding unique Vespas. They contain some very cool builds, such as a Vespa S 150cc with Marlboro decals and a reinforced frame. And not to forget, many cool extras from brands like Zelioni and Remus

Photo by: KinLin©

Photo by: Kin Lin ©


Created in 2018 by the owners in Tainan, Taiwan. This group will continue to share their unique rides with everyone. Their goal is to reach a big audience, so please make sure to check them out and follow them here: The South Vespa

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