New Falan Parts YouTube Channel

New Falan Parts YouTube Channel

Starting on 18 February 2023, we will upload weekly product unboxing videos on our YouTube channel.

After many years of selling parts, the number one question is: Do you also have images of the product's box and what's inside it?

To solve this, we started updating the product images with accessories such as cables for an indicator kit or the box and packaging.

After doing this for the last two years, we have received a lot of positive feedback from you.

However, we also wanted to step it up by creating videos.

We have started creating and uploading unboxing videos to our channel.

In addition to this, we will always link every video to its product on our website. So with one click, you can now see the video and have an even better look at the product and its packaging.

We are eager to see your feedback on our videos, so please feel free to comment or contact us with any recommendations. *The videos are meant to be short and simple for now.

And who knows, we will start uploading more than just the unboxing videos. 🛵

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The Falan Parts team.

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