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Tuningbox E-Bike BADASS Box 4


  • visible via speed sensor
  • displayed: falsified and lower than real
  • activation: clip on and move spokes magnet
  • electric assistance 0-40 km/h
  • Max. Speed: unlimited
  • 61x43x15 mm
  • for normal Bosch sensors on the chain stay
  • Tuningbox E-Bike BADASS Box 4

The latest and most advanced E-bike tuning technology, produced by Badass ebike tuning, for BOSCH (from 2nd Generation on) pedal-crank mounted motors. A new slimmer housing with a patented QR fixing mechanism, enabling more rapid installation and/or removal of the module. The design has also been toughened up, using a special sealing compound from the automotive industry. The circuit board has also been revised and improved, with a greater range now enabled by a single AAA battery.

The badassBox 4 BOSCH has wireless information transmission, there is no need to alter or modify the electronics or software on the E-bikes motor. An incorrect speed is suggested by the module, to ensure continued power delivery from the motor. It is not necessary to open the motor and it will not be damaged or altered in any way. With all the advantages we here at SIP appreciate, in principle, a false lower speed and all the associated information, is then indicated.

  • Wireless E-bike tuning.
  • Single AAA battery enables 7000km travel before replacement.
  • Made in Germany.

The all-new badassBox 4 is the result of over a year of intensive development. The housing has been redesigned and is now narrower. The o-ring fixing from the predecessor module has also been replaced with a patented QR snap-shut mechanism. This allows the badassBox 4 to be quickly attached and removed when necessary. There is also the added option of a cable tie attachment on the QR mechanism, for additional security.

The communication range has been increased, the new AAA battery (instead of a CR2 type) only needs replacement every 7000km and can be easily exchanged without the need for tools. The improved range has been achieved with the development of their patented signal booster, the Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology (FEET). As they are mounted in the direct vicinity of the E-bikes wheel, they also require the ultimate protection against moisture and vibration in the form of a special sealing compound poured into the housing in the final stage of production. 

The badassBox 4 was designed, developed and is produced exclusively by Badass ebike tuning. Every module is tested for full-functionality before and after the sealing compound is applied 

The current badassBox 4 for BOSCH fits backwards compatible for all motors that have the typical sensor. Exceptions are various models from Trek and Bulls.


The badassBox 4 BOSCH is attached to the BOSCH speed sensor, adjacent to the rear wheel. Once the QR mechanism is snapped shut, the badassBox tuning module is then suitably positioned on the sensor for operation. Optionally you can also use a cable-tie, for additional security. During initial mounting the bolt holding the spoke magnet should be replaced with a winged bolt, to enable tool-free adjustment. Once the badassBox is in place, turn the magnet on the spoke to face towards the QR mechanism on the module. Be careful to place the magnet so it passes as close as possible to the module during rotation, without fouling. Should the badassBox be removed, the spoke magnet must be returned to its original position.

For integrated Bosch sensors, the universal adapter and the spoke magnet with wing screw are required.

After removing the badassBox, the spoke magnet must be reset to the original position. 


The badassBox 4 TQ is only compatible with E-bikes fitted with pedal-assistance motors between the pedals, in the middle of the bike and originally limited to 25kph with 250W constant performance. Other types, such as those with pedal-assistance up to 45kph or wheel axle mounted motors are not supported by this tuning device.


All Firmware updates should be avoided. Although sometimes tempting the customer with more efficient battery management and other 'advantages', they also inevitably include features that prevent any kind of derestriction measures. To retain the choice between having the bike derestricted or in an original state, as with the badassBox 4, never update the motor software! This is especially relevant if the e-bike is being serviced/repaired in a regular e-bike workshop!

Conclusion: If you prefer ease of mounting and also a traceless removal in a matter of seconds, you will greatly appreciate the advantages the badassBox 4 provides!

All technical details of the tuning module BADASS Box 4

Dimensions: 61x43x15mm
Cable length: not necessary
Power input: own battery
Supply voltage: 1,5V AAA battery
Weight: 27g
Scope of delivery: Installation and operating instructions, 1 AAA battery, Toolfree 4mm bolt
Decontrol of speed limit: 25 km/h / 45 km/h
Control speed: not selectable
Switching on/off in the driving mode Only when stationary - snap lock enables removal in seconds
Display Values in the display are shown incorrectly due to the principle
Assembly time 2 min
Mounting position: is mounted via speed sensor next to rear wheel
Required tools crosshead screwdriver
Deconstruction: easily possible and invisible afterwards
Homologation: not road legal in Europe
What else? No electrical connection to the motor, damage to the drive excluded


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Tuningbox E-Bike BADASS Box 4