Tuning Chip E-Bike VOLspeed V4 | E-Bikes/Pedelecs BOSCH Active/ Plus / Performance/ CX, -> `21, Gen2/Gen3/Gen4

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Tuning Chip E-Bike VOLspeed V4


  • invisible at the drive motor
  • displayed: actual values
  • activation: keys at the control unit
  • controls: keys
  • electric assistance 25-45 km/h
  • Max. Speed: adjustable
  • 37x19x9 mm
  • Tuning Chip E-Bike VOLspeed V4

The brand new tuning module from VOLspeed for Bosch motors since the model year 2014. With simplified operation and new functions, such as the individual configuration of the motor support.

Since 2018, the VOLspeed company from Ehekirchen in Bavaria has been one of the leading manufacturers of innovative tuning modules for e-bikes, pedelecs and S-pedelecs. The VOLspeed Performance V4 tuning module for e-bikes and pedelecs with BOSCH drive systems is a product on the market with unique individual optimisation options.

  • Plug & Ride: automatic initialisation, immediately ready for use after installation.
  • Individual support levels for an alternative mode
  • All data is displayed correctly

The tuning module for e-bikes with BOSCH motors

The VOLspeed tuning module is suitable for the following BOSCH motors: All BOSCH drives since the model year 2014, i.e. Active Line, Active Line Plus and Performance Line (CX). Attention: No support for the "Smart System", also known as "BES3", from model year 2022.

Plug & Ride

In contrast to the previous models, a setup is no longer necessary. The tuning module can be used immediately after installation. All the required settings are made automatically. This also applies in the event of a conversion, temporary removal, or replacing the display. 

Individual assistance modes

For each riding mode (TURBO, EMTB/SPORT, TOUR, ECO), the motor's power can be adjusted. The assistance can be adjusted according to the speed, but the original settings remain so you can easily choose between your own and preset modes while riding. This is done with the WALK button. There are now four different settings for assistance per driving level. The tried and tested "dynamic mode", which controls the motor noticeably softer, is still available and can now be combined with the standard mode or a custom setting. The speed display only briefly jumps to a different value so that you can see which mode is active.

Display values for the different modes


Speed     Mode

10 km/h    Standard mode

11 km/h    Dynamic mode

12 km/h    Alternative mode

13 km/h    Alternative and dynamic mode

By default, the alternative mode the rider can set is already preset. The three modes, ECO, TOUR and SPORT, are set so that the assistance is slightly higher than the original setting. When switching to the alternative mode, the support is marginally more vital. Of course, each level can also be configured individually. With the module activated, select the driving level while stationary, then briefly press the push-assist and minus buttons. Now the plus button can switch to the setting for 10 km/h, 20 km/h and above. Pressing it again ends the process, and all values are saved. 

Motor support in per cent in the different driving modes

Active Line 40 100 170 250
Active Line Plus 40 100 180 250
Performance Line 40 120 190 275
Performance Line CX 50 120 210 300
Alternative 80 150 230 300

eMTB mode and TOUR+ mode

The strength of the pedal force support is different in these modes: in eMTB, the support is not permanently at 210 % but can be above or below this, depending on the pedal torque. However, these modes can also be specifically switched off by activating the alternative method.

Note: If the self-set riding modes are used with the Nyon or Nyon 2, these will always have priority over the module's settings.

The functions of the VOLspeed V4 tuning module

An overview of the essential functions of the VOLspeed V4 tuning module for e-bikes and pedelecs with Bosch motors:

  • New: Automatic initialisation, immediately ready for use after installation.
  • Tuning can be switched on and off via buttons on the control unit.
  • After switching on, the downshift speed can be freely set in the range of 25 to 45 km/h via the plus/minus buttons. Again, the last set value is saved.
  • Tuning is always switched off after switching on the bike.
  • The setting of a "softer down-regulation behaviour" is possible (dynamic mode). The otherwise very abrupt downshifting at the speed limit is thus significantly softened.
  • New: Support levels can be configured individually (alternative mode). In addition, an individual configuration can also be defined for each speed level and called up quickly while riding (a function not available with Smartphone Hub and Cobi).
  • Unique activation codes can be set (functions not available with Smartphone Hub and Cobi).
  • Correct display of speed, distance travelled and average speed at all times. • Residual range calculation from current driving style with active tuning.
  • Battery display in per cent alternating with remaining range when active tuning—interval: Four seconds range, one-second battery level (Intuvia and Purion only).
  • Correct the total kilometre reading of the bike even after removing the tuning module, as the tuning module tracks the kilometres in the motor control.

Mounting, activating and controlling the VOLspeed V4 tuning module

Fitting the VOLspeed V4 tuning module to the BOSCH engine is no problem. Activation and control are automatic, and no setup is required.


The installation will take between 15 and 30 minutes. Depending on the bike, different tools are required, but usually an ISIS crank puller and a TX20 Torx spanner. Cable connections only need to be plugged in. Otherwise, no changes to the motor are necessary. Unfortunately, the theVOLspeed V4 tuning module is not visible after installation; it disappears entirely under the fairing of the engine.


Due to the plug-in connections, disassembly is just as easy as installation. Therefore, there should be no visible damage to the e-bike or pedelec.


BOSCH Active Line   Gen 2 -- -- '14-'17  
BOSCH Active Line   Gen 3 -- -- '18-'21  
BOSCH Active Line Plus   Gen 3 -- -- '18-'21  
BOSCH Active Line Plus   Gen 4 -- -- '20-  
BOSCH Cargo Line   Gen 4 -- -- '20-  
BOSCH Performance Line Cruise (25 km/h)   Gen 2 -- -- '14-'19  
BOSCH Performance Line Cruise (25 km/h)   Gen 4 -- -- '20-  
BOSCH Performance Line CX   Gen 2 -- -- '14-'19  
BOSCH Performance Line CX   Gen 4 -- -- '20-  
BOSCH Performance Line Speed (45 km/h)   Gen 2 -- -- '14-'19  
BOSCH Performance Line Speed (45 km/h)   Gen 4 -- -- '20-

Tuning Chip E-Bike VOLspeed V4