Sport Lever Set SIP PERFORMANCE Black | Vespa GTS/GTS Super 125/300cc ('23-)

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Sport Lever Set SIP PERFORMANCE Black


  • aluminium CNC
  • black anodised
  • adjustable
  • with ABE
  • adjustable length
  • Made in Austria 
  • Sport Lever Set SIP PERFORMANCE Black

Top quality sports handlebar levers for the modern Vespa models.

The amount of aftermarket sports brake levers available for the modern Vespa models is quite overwhelming. Their functions and adjustment possibilities are quite comprehensive in their scope. Amongst this enormous array of choice though, few remain that really represent the holy grail of scooter brake lever technology. With the introduction of our SIP PERFORMANCE Sports brake levers we have reached a milestone on the road to creating the perfect solution and can now deliver the Swiss army knife of brake levers for the modern Vespa!

What are the main advantages of the SIP PERFORMANCE brake levers?

  • Manufactured in the EU.
  • Adjustable length and reach.
  • ncludes German MOT approval.

Manufactured in the EU.

An important factor in the production of these levers is their EU manufacture. Specifically from an established Austrian producer with an excellent reputation in the industry. The glut of cheaply produced levers, contrasted with the decades of know-how available from this particular manufacturer gave us enough reasons to organise these more solid and adaptable versions. In this case CNC machined from solid 6082 aluminium billet to then be anodised.

Adjustment of the levers.

These levers allow two separate methods of adjustment, making them the perfect all-rounders for all adult hand-sizes and fields of use.

Adjustment of the lever length.

The adjustable length of the levers allow them to be set up to cater for the individual needs of every rider or owner. An optimal length can be set up for both the habitual rider with a two-finger braking style or also those who prefer to operate the lever with all four fingers, with no compromises. 

Adjustment of the levers reach.

An issue with operation of most sports-orientated handlebar levers is the lack of universal ergonomics in their design, most being incompatible for use by people with smaller-than-average hand-sizes. Our SIP PERFORMANCE Sports lever twenty stage lever-reach adjustment feature enables the perfect set up for all hand-sizes!

Include German MOT approval.

A decent set of brake levers should of course also be approved for legal road use by our German MOT. These SIP PERFORMANCE sports brake levers include documentation issued by the German traffic authorities to ensure that they are fully road-legal.


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Sport Lever Set SIP PERFORMANCE Black