Racing Cylinder POLINI 182 cc | Vespa Primavera/Sprint 125-150cc (`20-) E5

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Racing Cylinder POLINI 182 cc


  • aluminium
  • Ø 63mm
  • w/o cylinder head
  • Racing Cylinder POLINI 182 cc

If you feel the need to improve the sluggish nature of your 3-valve LEM motor, then this POLINI 171cc performance cylinder provides a step in the right direction. The added capacity that this cylinder possesses enables more power and torque to be produced – Hills and gradients, especially when two-up, no longer represent torture and humiliation. POLINI also include their high-tech Engine Control Unit (ECU) fuel-injection control module with this kit to ensure an optimal supply of fuel.

The POLINI ECU 'Engine Control Unit' is the most advanced, state-of-the-art programmable fuel-injection control module that is currently on the market for four-stroke scooter motors. It allows an individual set-up of the ignition and fuel injection parameters that regulate the supply of fuel to the cylinder. These adjustments are easily mastered by the rider on the ECU itself. With just a few clicks the injection point can be shifted by 200 rpm. This raises or lowers the amount of fuel injected by changing the rate at which it is delivered. The wiring loom adapter enables the module's quick and easy attachment to the original injection module.

Aluminium / 61mm bore / 4-stroke AC

Aluminium cylinder including a hard-chromed bore, increased capacity, 11.2:1 compression ratio, 58.6mm stroke, die-cast piston including two chromed piston rings, suitable for fuel injected motors, includes adjustable fuel-injection control module. We recommend a full service and/or upgrade of your transmission components (pulleys and V-belt) for safe and enduring use of this tuning kit.


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Racing Cylinder POLINI 182 cc