Key Ring MOTO NOSTRA Orange

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Key Ring MOTO NOSTRA Orange


The key spiral - a classic newly discovered >/p>

Everyone used to have it and it was 'cool', the key spiral.
Scooter riders quickly discovered its practical use for themselves; to connect the different types of keys for ignition lock, steering lock and/or luggage compartment lock flexibly but securely.

So all keys form one unit, but do not hinder each other in operation: Ignition key and steering lock/luggage compartment key remain in their lock and are connected by the key spiral. So each of the two keys is quickly at hand and the paint is protected by the flexible PVC material.

Available in 150mm (15cm) and 300mm (30cm) length as well as in different colours and black. The long versions are perfect for older Vespa which still have an ignition lock in the handlebars (Vespa PX old (until 1984), Rally, ET3 etc.). The shorter versions are for models with combined ignition/steering lock (e.g. Vespa PX old (Lusso), PK from 1984 onwards).

The coloured versions are translucent, i.e. they are coloured but still transparent.

  • The 15cm version can be stretched to 60cm

  • The 30cm version can be stretched to 100cm

Therefore also ideal for the door/car key/portemonaie on the waistband etc.
Fitted with a key ring on both sides.

Simple, practical and a beautiful reminiscence of the eighties/nineties!

TIP: The band can be shaped with a hot air dryer or similar according to your own wishes. Perfect if, for example, the 90° angled end should be straight.

Key Ring MOTO NOSTRA Orange


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Key Ring MOTO NOSTRA Orange