Coolant Additive Concentrate MOTUL MoCOOL

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Coolant Additive Concentrate MOTUL MoCOOL 


  • Reduces the cooling system operating temperature by as much as 15°C (30°F)
  • 500ml
  • Coolant Additive Concentrate MOTUL MoCOOL 
  • Can not be shipped outside of the EU

MoCOOL is a coolant additive that lowers the coolant temperature by up to 15ºC. The concentrate is best mixed with distilled water for use (mixing ratio 20:1 = 5%). Never use the undiluted additive as a coolant.
This additive offers better heat transfer than normal coolants. The unique formula also contains rust and corrosion inhibitors that protect the radiator water pump and hoses.
Mainly used in high performance engines that tend to overheat easily. For these engines the additive is diluted 20:1 (5%) with water.
Interesting is also the use in racing where the use of monoethylene glycol is not allowed.
Developed for cooling systems that contain components made of aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass or bronze.
MoCOOL is of course also miscible with antifreeze, including the new long-life versions.




Coolant Additive Concentrate MOTUL MoCOOL