BMC Air Filter FM01114 | Honda X-ADV / FORZA / NC 750cc

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BMC Air Filter FM01114


The knowledge and experience acquired on the track is transposed to the road in order to offer high-performance products that are constantly evolving to satisfy even the most demanding riders.

  • One-piece filter (without any joints that favour breakage)
  • Special cotton filter material saturated in low-viscosity oil
  • Epoxy mesh is highly resistant to fuel fumes and oxidation
  • Washable and therefore reusable cotton
  • Optimal air flow guarantees a minimum loss of power compared to traditional paper filters
  • BMC Air Filter FM01114

The characteristics of a cotton filter can be summarised as follows :

  • Permeability : the filter must create the lowest possible obstacle to enable the highest passage of air
  • Screening : to ensure that all foreign bodies in the air are prevented from entering
  • Retention : the retention of all solid particles

Cotton Filter can be re-used several times after having been washed with a special detergent and re-soaked in oil.


BMC Air Filter FM01114