Air Intake SIP Variator Cover | APRILIA SR/GILERA Runner FX/FXR/TPH/ITALJET Dragster/PIAGGIO Hexagon/LX/LXT/Skipper/LX/LXT/SKR 125-180cc 2T AC

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Air Intake SIP Variator Cover 


  • plastic
  • black 

Daily, parts from original manufacturers such as PIAGGIO or OEM are taken out of production. This means there is no other alternative to used parts if you need a missing disk, clip or bracket. It is wracking and time-consuming, at the least, trying to run down those little missing necessary parts. 

That's why they decided to produce a number of parts in high quality under the name SIP Spare Parts. Their goal is to get stranded Vespas needing essential small parts back on the road. A major job for small parts ...

Carbon fibre components enjoy wide popularity and use on many race machines, no matter whether they are scooters, motorcycles or cars. Due to the fact that 100% carbon fibre-produced components are prohibitively expensive and complicated to produce, we have been searching for a viable alternative and have discovered an ideal compromise.

The new range of items included in the 'SIP Style - Carbon Line' have all visible surfaces treated with a carbon fibre surface finish in a special process by a firm here in Bavaria. They can use this process on almost any component that requires this high-tech carbon fibre look.

Air Intake SIP Variator Cover 


2T AC '99-
2T AC '99-
GILERA Runner FXR DD 180 ZAPM08 2T LC '97-'03
GILERA Runner FX DT 125 ZAPM07 2T LC '97-'99
GILERA Runner FXR DT 180 ZAPM0800 2T LC '97-'99
GILERA TPH-X/ -XR 125 ZAPM02 2T AC '99-'00
GILERA Runner FX DD 125 ZAPM07 2T LC '97-'03
ITALJET Dragster 125
2T LC -
ITALJET Dragster 180
2T LC -
PIAGGIO SKR / Skipper LX 150 ZAPM1300 2T AC '98-'99
PIAGGIO SKR / Skipper 125 ZAPM12000 2T AC '98-'00
PIAGGIO SKR / Skipper 125 CSM1T00 2T AC '94-'97
PIAGGIO Hexagon LXT 180 ZAPM06 2T LC '98-'00
PIAGGIO Hexagon 150 EXV1T 2T LC '94-'97
PIAGGIO Hexagon LX 125 ZAPM05 2T LC '98-'99
PIAGGIO SKR 150 CVM1T 2T AC '94-'97
PIAGGIO Hexagon 125 EXS1T 2T LC '94-'97

Air Intake SIP Variator Cover