VENTILVAR 2000 HALF-PULLEY Ø 109 | Vespa Sprint/Primavera 125 ie 4T Euro 3/4

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  • PIAGGIO LIBERTY 3V 125 ie 4T euro 3
  • PIAGGIO LIBERTY iGet ABS 125 ie 4T euro 3 (M893M)
  • PIAGGIO LIBERTY iGet 125 ie 4T euro 4 2017->
  • PIAGGIO LIBERTY S I-GET 125 ie 4T euro 4 2017->
  • VESPA Primavera 3V 125 ie 4T euro 3 2014-> (M811M)
  • VESPA Primavera iGet 125 ie 4T euro 4 2016->
  • VESPA Sprint 3V 125 ie 4T euro 3 2014->2015
  • VESPA Sprint iGet 125 ie 4T euro 4 2016-> (MA13M)


  • Ventilvar 2000

    It’s a fixed half-pulley with a diamond finish of the belt-side pulley surface and a redesigned working angle to further increase the gearing range. This component completes the Multivar and renders it unparalleled. Specially designed for the line of variable-speed drives for scooters, it further improves the performance of the drive belt. It is not just a simple accessory, but a very important part for guaranteeing the long life of all the transmission components. The temperatures produced inside the crankcases where variators work with V-belts are prohibitive at critical moments and certain parts, such as transmission belts and variator rollers, sometimes suffer irreparable damage. There are cases in which the rollers could even reach the melting point. Apart from its other advantages, Ventilvar has a greater cooling capacity than the original half-pulley; that’s a result that makes it indispensable for safe and sporty driving.


    NB: it can be assembled with Multivar and with original variator