VariatorKit Malossi Multivar 2000 | Piaggio/Vespa 50cc 4T Engines

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VariatorKit Malossi Multivar 2000


The Variomatik MALOSSI Multivar, thanks to a substantially optimized shifting process, brings very good results even on serial engines about the improvement of top speed and acceleration and that without putting more stress on the engine.

So for each model, the roller races have explicitly been calculated, and the useful range of the sliding surface of the belt has been additionally extended.

With such a high technological effort, it is almost a matter of course that the best materials and the most modern production methods are used:

  • Self-lubricating sliding bush made of sintered steel
  • Hub made of alloyed steel
  • Sliding surface with a layer of hard, ground and lapped chrome
  • Silicium-aluminium alloy half-belt pulley manufactured with precision CNC machines

With this, nothing stands in the way of completely new driving pleasure. Jerk-free starting, greater shifting comfort, mechanical silence - even at high speed - and constant driving performance are the result.


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