Tuning Kit POLINI | Vespa GTS/GTS Super/ GTV 300ccm 4T LC

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Tuning Kit POLINI 


  • Ø 75 mm
  • incl. piston/​camshaft/​valve springs/​ECU fuel injection module

This POLINI tuning kit was developed especially for the 300cc Vespa GTS/GTS Super/GTV models and includes a camshaft, valve springs, piston and an ECU injection unit in the delivery.

The redeveloped camshaft profile provides a noticeable increase in performance. The inlet valve timing has been increased from 6.9 to 8.1 mm. This delivers an extra portion of torque and raises the maximum power output. The valve springs included prevent any valve flatter and the forged piston raises the compression from 10.8:1 to 12.1:1.The conversion ECU fuel injection module allows the fuel supply to the fuel injection unit to be adjusted as required and the adapter cable enables “plug and play” connection to the existing fuel injection unit.


VESPA GTS i.e. / Touring 300 ZAPM45200/ ZAPM459L  4T LC '11-'13  
VESPA GTS i.e. Super 300 ZAPM45200 / ZAPM459L  4T LC '08-'13  
VESPA GTS i.e. Super 300 ZAPM45200 / ZAPM45202/ ZAPM459L  4T LC '14-'16  
VESPA GTS i.e. Super Sport 300 ZAPM45200 4T LC '10-'13  
VESPA GTV i.e. 300 ZAPM45201/ ZAPM459L 4T LC '10-'13