Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP Black | Vespa GTS/GT/GT L 125-200cc (carburattor model)

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Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP Black


  • 160 (km/h/mph) / 16.000 (Umin/rpm)
  • face: black
  • white numbers
  • faceplate: black
  • Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP Black

The SIP Speedometer/Rev Counter replaces the minimally equipped original speedometer unit with a state-of-the-art multifunctional instrument. This speedometer has an impressively large analogue display for either the scooters speed (up to 160 mph/kph), or that of the motor (up to 10 000 rpm). This means that the speedometer needle can be programmed to display either your current revs or speed. 

The digital display, located in the lower half of the speedometer face, can be used to show 18 different functions, which are scrolled through using a separately positioned button. Alongside the standard analogue/digital vehicle and motor speed measurements this speedometer also has a trip counter/total mileage function, motor and ambient temperature measurement, acceleration sensor for distance and speed measurement, average speed and many more innovative features (see function list below). 

The colour of the backlight can be set in eight different colours and its brightness is also adjustable. During every ignition sequence the speedometer conducts an automatic diagnostic check.

The scooters road speed can be determined by using either the original speedometer drive or a digital sensor system, which is separately available.

A complete wiring loom adapter is included in the kit. This makes it simple to install, with no soldering necessary!

Functions :

  • Analogue speed : 0-160 mph/kph
  • Digital speed : 0-260 kph
  • Analogue revs : 0-16000 rpm • Digital revs : 0-16000 rpm
  • Total mileage : 0000-999999 miles/km
  • Trip distance A & B : up to 9999.9mph/kph
  • Trip time A & B up to 99.59 h
  • Battery charge level warning feature below 11.5 V
  • Programmable total mileage (allows synchronisation with original vehicle mileage)
  • Average speed between A & B up to 140 mph/160 kph
  • Five different illumination levels for back light
  • Choice of eight back light colours available
  • Digital fuel level warning (indicated through flashing fuel display & fuel light)
  • Digital Clock
  • Under voltage warning (If undervoltage, display section will automatically switch to voltage display and start flashing.)

  • Thermometer overtemperature warning (Warning, the whole bar including the temperature symbol will flash.)

  • Cooling water temperature, digital block display
  • Temperature measurement for cylinder head/spark plug up to 250°C/32° - 482°F, an separate sensor for the spark plug temperature is also included in the kit
  • Data storage facility for top speeds, maximum rpm and temperatures
  • Trip and acceleration measurement
  • The trip measurement can be made for a distance between 0-1000 metres. The acceleration measurement can be made over a freely chosen speed range.

for Vespa GT/GTL 125-200cc/GTS 125 models : If you decide not to fit the separately available digital speed sensor system (#KOBF640J06), the original speedometer drive from the later GTS models (#PI56306R) must be used.

for Vespa GTS/GTS Super 125-300cc, post 2014 : The rear steering assembly cover (#PI1652682) from earlier GTS models must be included. The position of the switch assembly for lights/horn etc. can be retained, the mode button is the only exception. An 'ABS' indicator light is also integrated into this SIP speedometer/rev counter unit. 

for Vespa GTS 125-300 Euro 4: Does not fit on EURO 4 Modell


VESPA GT 200 ZAPM3120000001001 4T LC '03-'06
VESPA GTS 125 ZAPM31300 4T LC '07-'12
VESPA GT L 125 ZAPM31101/ ZAPM31301 4T LC '03-
VESPA GT L (euro 3) 125 ZAPM31100 / ZAPM31101 4T LC '05-'06
VESPA GT 125 ZAPM3110000001001 4T AC '03-'05
VESPA GT L 200 ZAPM31200 / ZAPM319K  4T LC '03-'06
VESPA GT 200 ZAPM31200 4T LC '03-'06
VESPA GT 125 ZAPM31100 4T LC '03-'05

Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP Black