Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP 2.0 | Vespa 50 N/L/R/S/90 round

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Speedometer/Rev Counter SIP 2.0 


Vespa 50 N/L/R/S/90 round


• Analogue rev counter up to 12 or 14000 rpm, according to model.

• digitally rev counter: rpm up to 14000 rpm

• Maximum rpm

• As an alternative to an analogue rev counter, the speedometer needle can also display maximum speeds of up 140 kph/mph

• digitally displayed speed: 199 kph or 140 mph.

• Maximum speed

• temperature: 250°C or 32-482°F for cylinder head or cooling water temperature, a temperature sensor for the spark plug is also included in the delivery.

• Maximum temperature

• Time. (except V50 Ø 48mm)

• Maximum total measurable distance travelled: 99999 km or miles.

• Adjustable total journey distance

• 'A' and 'B' stage distance extended to 9999,9 km or miles.

• 'A' and 'B' stage time 99,59 h.

• average 'A' and 'B' stage speed 199 kph or 140 mph.

• Five back-light brightness setting

• Fuel reserve warning (optional with SIP Fast Flow fuel tap, except PX Lusso EFL).

• with PX Lusso (EFL) models: Fuel level-, indicator-, high/low beam display

• with Vespa 50 N/L/R: Speed Sensor with digitale speedocable included already included