Shock Absorber BITUBO rear | Vespa Primavera/ Sprint 50ccm 2T/4T

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Shock Absorber BITUBO rear  


  • body: black
  • spring: red/black
  • spring pre-load: continuously adjustable
  • SPORT chassis - comfortable

Sports orientated shock absorbers improve the setup of your suspension noticeably. BITUBO have had stylish and effective items available for decades so that Vespa riders can improve the handling of their scooters. Their extensive experience on the racing scene flows directly into the development of their shock absorbers and every single unit is subject to an exacting testing process before they leave the factory to ensure their usual high quality standards are met. BITUBO can also supply European vehicle certification for almost all their products to ensure completely legal road use of their components with your scooter. The following BITUBO shock absorbers are available for Modern Vespas:

Original Vespa (Piaggio) shocks are of poor quality and tend to leak within a few years of use. We recommend installing after-market shocks such as these Bitubo ones to prevent this from happening again. 

But what are the benefits of this, you might ask? Well, there are three main reasons for purchasing these after-market shocks. One is its stability when driving with one or two persons on your scooter. Two is preventing the exhaust from hitting your frame when driving over speed bumps or potholes. And last but not least, its quality means you will no longer have those frustrating shock leaks with a dirt Vespa and a bouncy feeling.

 Not sure which shock will be the right one for you? Please feel free to use our chat, and we will help you out with the right setup for your needs. 


VESPA Primavera / Touring 4V 50 ZAPC53100 4T AC '13-'17  
VESPA Primavera 3V / Touring Euro4 50 ZAPCA01 / ZAPCA0102 4T AC '17-'18  
VESPA Primavera 50 ZAPC53200 2T AC '13-'16  
VESPA Sprint / Sport 50 ZAPC53201 2T AC '14-'16  
VESPA Sprint 3V Euro4 50 ZAPCA0101 4T AC '17-  
VESPA Sprint 4V 50 ZAPC53101 4T AC '14-'17