Pulley BGM PRO Super Torque Driver | Piaggio Leader Vespa GTS 200/ 250/ 300

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Pulley BGM PRO Super Torque Driver


The BGM Supertorque converter optimizes the acceleration of the vehicle.
It immediately keeps the engine at its highest torque RPM, which means there is always full traction at the rear wheel. The BGM Supertorque completely replaces the factory converter and offers individual tuning to your own engine through two different settings. The matching angle of the pulley halves also results in perfect everyday suitability that protects the V-belt.

The original converter is optimized for the highest possible vehicle control. To this end, it reduces the maximum possible acceleration, even when full throttle is applied, up to approx. 30km/h by means of a conservatively designed shifting behavior of the rear converter. This offers novice drivers increased safety so that they can first stabilize the vehicle from a slow speed (handlebars straight, correct seating position, etc.). For ambitious drivers and tuners, this means that any changes to the drive (variator, counterpressure spring) and/or the performance-determining engine components themselves (cylinder, camshaft, head, etc.) cannot be fully effective unless the converter is also changed.

The BGM Supertorque converter enters directly on the speed of the highest torque and holds it without compromise to deliver the full engine power directly to the rear wheel. This allows the scooter to accelerate much better from a standstill and, with power-optimized engines, to lift the front wheel at times. Of course, you can also start normally with the Supertorque converter if you want to. A big advantage of the BGM Supertorque converter is the linear shifting behavior. This makes it much easier to tune the drive, especially on engines with increased power.

In order to be able to adapt the converter perfectly to the engine and one's own needs, it offers two differently shaped milled grooves for the so-called sliding blocks. The milled grooves have different steep flank angles. Basically, the steeper the angle of the milling, the faster the converter halves can close, the faster the scooter can accelerate. Please note that the engine should have a sufficiently high basic power for the strong adjustment. Series engines should use the flatter and thus somewhat tamer flank angle.

Sufficient time should be planned for testing and tuning. The combination possibilities in the tuning of variator and converter to each other are enormous. A harmonious tuning of weights, back pressure spring, and flank angle of the converter results in a clearly improved acceleration behavior. Ideal for use in combination with the BGM PRO variator.

TIP: The subjective feeling of the acceleration can (among other things due to the heard number of revolutions) deceive quite fast. Ideal for testing is always the same distance and an accelerometer (e.g. SIGMA MC1812, see accessories).

Please grease the converter before installation (area of the sliding blocks and guide slots)


Full fitment list available HERE.