Mounting Kit to mount rims on ABS models SIP | Vespa GTS Models 125-300 ('14-)

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Mounting Kit to mount rims on ABS models SIP


  • Fit rim with 5 new rim bolts (bolts with hexagonal head, internal thread) and 5 M8 washers.
  • Fit the ABS tone wheel to the internal thread of the rim nuts, using the five M5 torx bolts and the five M5 wave washers.
  • Refit the swingarm
  • The distance between the ABS sensor and the tone wheel should be 0.4mm min. If the distance is smaller than that, or if the tone wheel rubs on the sensor, use one or even two of the washers on the bolt that secures the sensor between the swingarm and the sensor to adjust the distance. ATTENTION: The distance between sensor and tone wheel should not be too large, if it is there may be no signal at all.
  • Do not forget to order new LOCTITE for the mounting kit. Can be found with the following product numeber: 14100000