IXIL Hexoval Xtrem Silencer | Honda X-ADV 750cc

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IXIL Hexoval Xtrem Silencer


XIL HEXOVAL XTREM EVOLUTION. Brushed stainless steel silencer with black end cap and multi-chamber system. E-approved.
Suitable for Honda X-ADV 750 17-20 (RC95)

All IXIL mufflers have a high-quality finish with stainless steel interior in common. You get a visually and technically high-quality silencer with the available outer shells made of black painted or brushed stainless steel.

Superb appearance and deep, rich sound fulfil all customer wishes. E-tested, of course.

All IXIL silencers are supplied as a bolt-on or slip-on replacement silencers. All parts required for installation are included in the scope of delivery.

Tailpipe diameter: 125 x 100 mm
Tailpipe length: 493 mm
Weight: 3,0 kg
Shape: hexoval
Surface: brushed stainless steel
Design: multi-chamber system

IXIL Hexoval Xtrem Silencer

Optionally available:
- 072-001: Noise-Killer with large through-holes
- 072-004: Noise-Killer with catalytic converter
- 107-017: Muffler/manifold gasket

Note: Without DB-killer, the type approval expires.

Exhaust Muffler Finish Stainless Steel
Muffler End-Cap Finish Black Aluminium
Homologation CE homologated


IXIL Hexoval Xtrem Silencer