Heating Element TUCANO URBANO

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Heating Element TUCANO URBANO


  • polyamide
  • with USB connection
  • heating element system suitable for all TUCANO URBANO wind/weather protective 'Termoscud' leg covers. The system is easily stowed in the existing inner pocket found on the 'Termoscud' and quickly delivers cosy warmth beneath the cover. 

    The system is powered by a separately available USB power bank (minimum capacity 5000mAH, 5V/2A).

    • outer material consists of a tough 'Oxford' nylon, with a
    • inner lining 100% waterproof
    • 'Aero 3-D' internal design for a more even heat distribution
    • silicon-coated for an improved grip
    • integrated pocket for secure power bank storage
    • heat delivery duration dependent on the power bank battery capacity