Foot Pegs COPPER MONKEY LED | Vespa Primavera/Sprint 125-150cc

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Foot Pegs COPPER MONKEY left/right, LED


  • plastic
  • black
  • pair
  • illuminated

as an extremely attractive accessory
Race use only!

Footrests with integrated LED lighting


You think you've seen it all, but suddenly footrests with LED lighting appear and you can't believe your eyes. The inventors at COPPER MONKEY have come up with something very special and equipped the Primavera / Sprint footrests with LED lighting.

What are the advantages of the illuminated footrests?

  • Position lights
  • Brake light function
  • Indicator function

In normal operation, the footrests with integrated LED lighting serve as position lights and shine sideways as well as downwards. However, the footrests can do even more as additional features. If they are wired correctly, they light up analog to the brake light as soon as it becomes active. But that's not all, the footrests also serve as direction indicators. When the indicator is activated, the footrests also start flashing in the respective direction.

Why footrests with LED lighting?

If you question the usefulness of illuminated footrests, you will initially come up against your limits. However, when looked at more closely, the LED lights represent a small safety plus in road traffic. Since the footrests function as position lights, brake lights, and indicators, you have an additional light source on the vehicle that sends a visual signal to other people.