Maintenance Service Kit Piaggio | Vespa Sprint/Primavera 50cc 4V 4T

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Big Service Kit Piaggio


We have put this service kit together and followed the Piaggio/Vespa guidelines. 

We have used all original parts or better for this kit. 

The kit contains the following parts: 

  • Spark Plug NGK B9HS copper
  • Air Filter Sponge PIAGGIO
  • Variator Rollers PIAGGIO 19x15,5 mm 8,0g - 6 piece
  • Slide Set RMS- 3 piece
  • Belt PIAGGIO
  • Fuel Filter MALOSSI - 6mm
  • Brake Shoes PIAGGIO T19 rear
  • Brake Pads PIAGGIO S51 for HENG TONG brake calliper front
  • Oil Filter PIAGGIO

Oils are not included due to EU law regulations. These can be bought at your local shop. We recommend the following oils: 

  • 4-Stroke Oil Castrol 5W-40
  • Gearbox Oil MALOSSI RGS Racing SAE 75W-90

Why buy this kit instead of separate parts? There are two main reasons for this: you can not make any mistakes or forget to order a part. And two is saving on costs. The parts cost €120,20 separately. Where we only charge you €92,66, which saves you €27,54 in maintenance costs. 


Transmission oil: 75w90, is fractionally thinner, as the temperature here is lower than in Asia, where most scooters are produced! (better lubricating effect)

Please note that residual oil remains when draining the transmission oil. Never add more than 100ML!

Do you have performance parts in your Vespa? Please have a look at our Performance Big Service Kit.


VESPA Primavera / Touring 4V 50 ZAPC53100 4T AC '13-'17
VESPA Sprint 4V 50 ZAPC53101 4T AC '14-'17