Axle Seating SIP PERFORMANCE | Vespa GTS Models 125-300('14-'16)

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    • Aluminium CNC
    • Black Anodised
    • incl. bearing
  • This high-precision CNC machined axle mounting, from the SIP Performance range, are 'Made in Italy' and suitable for combination with the FORMULA radially-mounted brake callipers.

    The inclusion of a radial brake calliper to your set up provides the braking power of a modern race motorbike, including stoppies! The main advantages of this axle mounting is that the components are set up perfectly to match the weight and function of a Vespa scooter. Contrary to the design of some aftermarket brake disc systems available for Vespas, our SIP Performance axle mounting with matching brake calliper does not only deliver impressive braking values, but also provides an extremely sporty race-look.

    This axle-mounting allows the use of oversized braking discs, diameters of up to 260mm can be fitted with the help of the suitable spacers. A countersunk bleeding bolt (#BRK00500) is also necessary for brake discs exceeding 250mm diameter, to prevent contact between the wheel and the calliper. 

    The original ABS/speed-sensor can still be included but the original speedometer drives, from pre-2013 models, require replacement with the KOSO digital speed-sensor.

    Both versions of these axle mountings are compatible with the Vespa Primavera/Sprint models, although you will also need to convert to a Vespa GTS front wheel hub and a 220mm brake disc.

    Delivery includes pre-mounted, high-end bearings.


Vespa GTS/GTS Super 125 -300ccm ('14-'16) with major modifications also for Vespa Primavera/Sprint 50-150ccm ('13-'17)