Angel Eye With Green Devil Eye (model 1) | Vespa Sprint

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Angel Eye With Green Devil Eye (model 1)


Vespa Sprint


  • Input12V

  • Angel Eye Color : White

  • Devil Eye Color : Green

  • Color Temperature: 6000K

  • Built in to a new headlight unit

Included in the package 

  • 1x 2.5” BI-xenon Angel Eye Unit

  • 1x 6000K HID Xenon Lamp

  • 1x CCFL Inverter

  • 1x High- / Low beam kabels (H4)

  • 1x Slim AC Ballast 12V

  • 1x Xenon Switch

Features: The unit is equipped with a high-quality Xenon lamp with a long service life. With aluminum housing. The improved view of the road and is easy to assemble!
3000/3500 Lumen - 300% more light than a normal halogen lamp.

Lifespan: 3000+ hours. Five times longer than normal halogen lamps.

Safety: The Projector headlight ignores a directional beam of light towards the road surface. With the integrated large / small light mechanism you can still use your high beam function. The Xenon lamp itself can be switched on with the supplied switch. You can mount this in a place of your own preference, for example in the leg shield or under the handlebar.