Akrapovic Racing SS Exhaust | Vespa Sprint/Primavera 50 2V/3V/4V E4/5 4T

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Akrapovic Racing SS Exhaust


  • Initially made for the Vespa Sprint 125/150ie 3V 2017 2019. And changed by us for 50cc models.
  • Manifold and Bracket included
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Gloss or Matt black bracket
  • 55 mm
  • One-year warranty on the manifold. 

Why go for the Akrapovic on a 50cc Vespa or Piaggio model? 


Akrapovic has been the leading exhaust manufacturer for Vespa and Piaggio for the last couple of years. By creating high-quality good, looking and sounding exhausts. It has almost become a factory + option on all the models. 


What can you expect from this exhaust regarding performance? On a regular 50cc engine, your top speed with either stay the same or increase/decrease a bit. This can vary from engine to engine. 


If you are driving with an 80cc after-market cylinder? Then you will gain a couple of km/ph on top speed + better acceleration. 

Already have an Akrapovic? Or want to buy it elsewhere? No problem. We sell the manifold + bracket separately as well. 

CLICK HERE to see the separate kit. 


Vespa Sprint/Primavera 50 2V/3V/4V E4/5 4T

  • Vespa Sprint/Primavera 50 2V 4T
  • Vespa Sprint/Primavera 50 4V 4T
  • Vespa Sprint 50 3V E4 4T
  • Vespa Primavera 50 3V E4 4T
  • Vespa Sprint 50 3V E5 4T
  • Vespa Primavera 50 3V E5 4T